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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 10, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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or below freezing, still hanging out 32 in washington we should get an update momentarily. 32 baltimore, 29 dulles and 35 currently, at the naval air station. we lost our storm off to the east it went, dealing with left over low clouds and fog quickly, sunshine should really start the win at it, sunny afternoon warmer day should be mild temperatures 50s off to the south and west, down towards atlanta and dallas, that will get in here second half of tomorrow and bring us rain more details on that in just a couple minutes. >> lots of sunshine, 52 your daytime high washington, 54 frederiksburg. 10 to 15 degrees warmer than what we had yesterday afternoon more details on the forecast coming up back to you. all right tucker thank you very much i will take it our big story this morning primary day in new hampshire. >> midnight polling results have mitt romney in the lead now the rest of the state is gearing up to vote.
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fox news correspondent jennifer davis, joins us live from new hampshire, good morning. good morning alison and tony. that's right. two tiny villages have voted at the stroke of midnight they gave mitt romney the edge, he is the front runner as the primary gets under way other candidates say the real fight for them is for the number two and three spot. tradition brings out voters at the stroke of midnight in two small new hampshire villains including tiny dicksville knot. >> two votes cast for john huntsman and two cast for mitt romney. >> newt gingrich and ron paul each earned one vote. >> despite the fact i voted democratic i was hoping huntsman would come out as the gop primary winner the fact he tied with romney also makes me happy as well. >>r santorum pulled out a surprise, second place finish
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last week but did not get support at all a reflection of the trouble he seems to be having appealing to voters in this state he faced an unfriendly crowd in manchester monday night. but he is still hoping his conservative credentials will keep his campaign alive. >> you can trust me when i say i am going to do something why and because that is what i have done. >> mitt romney maintains a commanding lead, despite increasing attacks from his rivals. >> i will always put my country first. seems governor romney believes in putting politics first. now in that one other little village that voted at midnight mitt romney got five votes, ron paul four, president obama got 10 so more than the two of them combined, live in man chester new hampshire,. >> hey, before we let you go i don't want to get ahead of
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things but what seems to matter most new hampshire or south carolina next week. that is a really good question something we hear candidates talk about they have their eyes on south carolina that will be a do or die state for candidates, you will see newt gingrich, rick santorum trying to make a stand and a bit of a test for romney to see what conservative support he will get in that state. jennifer davis live in new hampshire thank you so much. >> fox 5 will have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary all day today when you are not near your tv log on to for the very latest information. well, the president is hitting the campaign trail rallying supporters here in the district he told a crowd at jefferson hotel there is no difference between republicans and congress and gop candidates running for president he said both groups are trying to roll
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back environmental protections, dismantle medicare and gut infrastructure >> i am not going to let members of congress put party ideology ahead of the people they were elected to serve not when there is this much at stake. this is a make or break moment for this country. >> now with roller coaster approval ratings the president is trying to convince those who voted for him in 2008 to vote for him this november. >> william daily is resigning one year after taking the job. president obama announced the resignation at the white house yesterday with daily and his new replacement standing next to him daily's resignation was expected just not this soon he says he wants to spend more time with his family but his time at the white house was reportedly rocky with disagreements with other staffers. making head leans now the plan to raise metro rates, again a proposal will be laid out thursday, fox 5s. stacey cohan live at the dupont
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circle station to break down changes that will be coming your way. >> good morning i know it is not good news for those of you who use metro rail or bus but this is what we are hearing as a budgetary request from the general manager of metro. now whether or not you are going to have to pay more depends how much you use metro. let me show you the biggest impact really that will be for people that use paper fare cards not smart cards and these are people infrequent users if you use a pay per fare card, it will be a flat fee, whether it is 2 stops, 10 stops, $6 each way during peak. $4 off peak. 25¢ increase in what you pay to park how is this money going to be used? certainly repairing broken esculators is one thing metro would like to focus on they have a budget short fall of $120 million the general manager said earlier today fox
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morning news part of the reasons is that it would make metro easier to use. we are trying to implify the fare structure that was one thing we heard from customers, it is such a complicated fare structure we are trying to simplify it, using a smart fare card and not a fare card it is better for customers we will put in machines at every station but those folks who still want to use a fare card, only come occasionally, this is a simple way to get on we are eliminating the peak of the peak fare. >> that fare structure got more complicated a couple years ago when metro changed things including the unpopular, peak of the peak fare that would be abolished under this new proposal. this goes to the board thursday, this will be a lot of debate and consideration the final plan h likely be enacted by summer time. i am stacey cohappen back to you >> i like your music stacey.
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track work will shut down two stations on metro's blue and orange line over the holiday weekened, shuttles will be used to help riders around the center southwest and other stations, expect single tracking on the red line. >> alison looks like may 15th is the earliest possible date dc can hold a special election to replace former councilmember harry thomas junior, leaving ward 5 residents worried how to get back on track hundreds gathered at a meeting last night voicing concerns over recent events thomas e-mailed his resignation last week after pleading guilty to federal embezzlement charges but he has yet to hand in his official written letter of resignation board of elections can't legally declare thomas' council seat vacantuntil they get the letter. a former ups worker, due to
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appear in u.s. district court in green belt this afternoon. now the jury found him guilty of carjacking and child porn he faces separate murder charges in the killing of a mother and daughter found in a burning car in largo. maryland soldier accused of trying to join ap african based terror group. the 20-year-old is from laurel. federal investigators or prosecutors say he converted to islam before leaving the army and tried to join a somalian based military group he was arrested in kenya, brought back to the u.s. friday. he is facing 15 years in prison if convicted. captain brent mitchell taylor is a 24 year veteran of the fredics burg police force accused of having inappropriate contact with a 17-year-old boy he met online he was arrested over the weekened after police
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found the two sharing -- weekend after police found the two shares a room at a motel six in stafford. montgomery county police officer, received the congressional badge of bravery. he responded to a 911 call of a suicide bomber with hostages in the lobby of discovery channel in silver spring in 2010. payton entered the build being got within 25 feet of the gunman, he gave authorities vital information including a description of the suspect and bomb, and he kept them from going farther into the building. the gunman died but all of the hostages survived. president officiary made a rare address on television early this morning, he said he will not step down and blames foreign conspiracy for the up rising there. we are now hearing reports from syria a group of arab league observers were attacked this morning, two monitors from kuwait were slightly injured the brutal government crackdown
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on protestors left nearly 6,000 killed in the last ten months. if you live in the district don't be alarmed if you notice low flying jets overhead tonight. try to remember norad north american aerospace defense command is conducting exercises in the area. they will start at midnight. it is to helpen sure air safety and security against air threats. a new jersey lawmaker who served more than two decades dies after the legislature holds its final voting session. raw makers in -- lawmakers in maryland and virginia getting ready for the 2012 sessions starting tomorrow. robin mccartney joins me for a preview when we come back 
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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. we have a sad story out of new jersey, the top republican leader in the assembly, collapsed is died he had been
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working late with other lawmakers, wrapping up the final day of legislative session where he fell in the men's room where he was pronounced dead. governor chris christy has postponed his state of the state speech. mile an hour land and virginia -- maryland and virginia, general assemblies get back to work tomorrow. good morning good to see you. >> hey tony. >> happy new year. >> i don't think i have seen you. >> good to have you here let's talk about what is on the agenda, lots on the table in both legislatures, maryland first want to give us an overview. >> you've got really very ambitious agendas in both states from ambitious young governors trying to make their mark and for various reasons mostly having to do with the political calendar this is a decisive year both in maryland and virginia, in maryland for governor o'malley, he -- this is his really big chance to
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sort of get money in order to make investments and infrastructure, create jobs he is also hoping to get same-sex marriage approved he failed -- well, democrats failed last year to get it through >> they got through the senate,. >> it got stalled in the house he did not get involved last year this year he is very much getting involved he will be pushing it and if it fails it will look bad for him. he has a lot at stake here. >> doe with have a sense the odds are more with him this time. >> odds are more certainly with him but it will be a tough fight there is a lot of opposition from the -- well, obviously from the roman catholic church and republican party and also from a lot of african american fairly socially conservative african american legislators, representing constituents very skeptical of same-sex marriage and the other thing, if he gets it through the general assembly, then, it would still
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almost certainly go to state referendum and then it might or might not pass there. >> so certainly not a done deal you talk about desire to spend more money and there is an effort under way and great interest particularly from the governor in spending more on infrastructure on roads and the like where will that money come from? >> well, he is talking about raising taxes, and this is going to be one of the biggest issues in the maryland assembly he will propose some kind of increase in the gasoline tax which he did not do last year, the gasoline tax has been frozen many years and never indexed for inflation, highway trust fund in maryland is bankrupt, there is no money for road projects or transit projects, they also need money to free up money, for school construction he wants to spend, quite a bit on school construction, and there is also a desire to -- so that tax he will be pushing for an increase
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in that tax plus, they want to increase the flush tax basically a tax on your sewer bill that would pay for sewer upgrades, to help keep the chesapeake bay clean >> they want to triple that. >> over $30 a year from 30 to 90 over 2 or 3 years. >> the in virginia one of the big issues is investing more money spending more money on medicaid there, on the virginia retirement system i believe. some ambitious plans there. from bob mcdonald the republican this is a crucial year a governor only has one term it is a two year budget cycle only one budget this one coming up that he gets to propose from start to finish and implement from start to finish. this is really his chance to make his mark. as it is for any virginia
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governor plus he has got finally from his point of view a majority in both houses, of the state legislature it is just you know, the barest possible majority in the senate because it is actually tied but there is a republican lieutenant governor who cast the decides vote. he actually has some possibilities of getting stuff through he was never able the get through before he is a republican he does not want the raise taxes they are basically trying to fiddle around the edges moving small amounts of money here and there around the virginia budget in order to show what your priorities are. he is proposing to mover a little bit of money to -- move a little bit of money to transportation and higher education, democrats are complaining this is coming at the expense of k through 12 education and health care. >> none of it will be easy we are out of time already it all
9:19 am
bears watching you will be watching. >> i am planning to write about it for thursday. >> thank you sir. >> good to see you tony. >> an update on the local race to the top education grants dc is being hindered by high staff turn over several people served as lead administrators since winning a $75 million grant in 2010 the state's superintendent of education says a new director will be in place by end of the month maryland won a $250 million grant in 2010 as well and the state had trouble hiring staff, that delayed several projects now it is back on track in maryland. jay z and beyonce are not the first hollywood couple to give their child a unique name. babies who created buzz. >> lsu versus alabama, sort of. >> kind of. >> dominating night for one team find out who took this title first annie yu good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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alison a little bit of chesapeake bay soup, pizza and now tiramisu. coming up we will talk with more chefs here and talk to the mayor about how you can best navigate there are over 60 restaurants participating this weekend. we will have that and more @ú pgh .
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how about these for names, diva muffin, sage moonblood. >> i don't like the moon blood i like sage moon. more of the unusual names stars have given to their kids >> i like apple. >> apple,. >> beyonce and jay z's new baby girl is the latest member of this different sort of name club, foxs dan springer gives us the run down from hollywood. >> reporter: growing up under the spotlight of a famous
9:24 am
parent can be tough if you are given a unique name attention some times amplifies. >> celebrities love to come out with outrageous names for their babies they don't name their kids john and ben they really want to come up with something you neck they know there will be you -- unique they want them to have a significant name. lat offer monday morning water cooler conversation is beyonce and jay z's newborn daughter blue ivy other eye opening namings include nicklas name's son, kel-al from superman. sly stallone's sage moon idea blood, ocean and blanket, paris and prince or moxie crime fighter. >> jason lee named his son
9:25 am
pilot inspektor ashley simpson named her child bronx. >> david and victoria beckham named their kids, romeo, cruise and harper seven. suri or courtney cox and david arquette's daughter cocoa riley. >> people will always know what the names of mariah carey's kids are morocco and monroe. >> stay tuned for the next celebrity naming to turn heads, in hollywood dan springer fox news. >> my son's name is con nor, jackson five perkins. i like it. >> bcf national championship game, crimson tide. they claimed their second title in three years after the game alabama was voted number one in the final ap poll for the eighth time that ties notre dame. tebow mania has landed in
9:26 am
twitters record book it is a very new book but still in there. minutes after tim tebow's game winning touchdown for denver twitter reported 9,000, 920 tweets per second. -- 9,920 tweets per second. it doesn't come close to the all time record that was last month when a japanese movie aired on television the company recorded a whopping 25,000 tweets a second. i am not sure why. >> i wonder why it would get that much twitter bug. one thing consumers are upset with might surprise you. i am going to chat with the founder of an gentlemen's list. before you grab -- angie's list. >> before you grab another cup of joe, we put four coffee's to the test. is starbuck's new blend all it claims to be? coming up
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does it surprise you a catholic bishop would be catholic? how about they are known to up hold church teachings that is their job right. >> last week when pope benedict named 22 bishops to be elevated to cardinal we told you that story the vatican press office released biographies of the bishops taken off wikipedia, literally. they lifted them from wikipedia, the lifted bios included comments out of the ordinary for the vatican to write as tony alluded to. describing a bishop as conservative and identifying them again as catholic the vatican says wikipedia was used in a crunch, in order to get information out on such a large group they have now been replaced with the bishop's official biographies which seemed like an easier thing to do ask them for you know a biography or get it from their -- >> you kind of feel they would
9:31 am
have that information at hand before they were nominated. >> you do understand you got to get information out but know who you are selecting so you can do that homework in advance. >> i wonder do they thing think they wouldn't -- think they wouldn't be questioned because they are the vatican. >> people picked up because the language in the bio one bishop was described as having quote a strong tendency to conservativism especially regarding abortion and home sexuality made him one of the most talked about religious men in the country it is not exactly you know,. >> right you are not telling us anything. tell me something. >> so if you are looking you can't find it on our wikipedia, it is the italian website. >> a better read. >> likely in italian. >> it would be. which will limit my ability to read it. >> even the vatican using wikipedia.
9:32 am
a lot of cutting and pasting goes on in this world. >> yes, it does. >> this thing lends itself to it. >> not that we ever did anything like that. >> no, we had no cliff notes nothing like that. >> thank god for cliff notes. >> any way, what is going on. >> weather forecast looking better from here warmer today highs low 50s. we hope, and -- >> we have doubts we can say that right. >> well,. >> will there be snow today. >> no. >> tony tell them what the issue is. >> temperature is not going up quickly enough. where are we, 34 degrees >> because of the fog overnight. >> exactly. >> we got to burn off the snow that takes energy out of the atmosphere. >> i will put in a call to mr. heat miser. >> please do. >> we are losing the fog. should be a beautiful afternoon a big improvement over yesterday and here is your big headline our next storm, rain, that will get in here tomorrow
9:33 am
afternoon, tomorrow night into the first part of thursday but until then we should be fine again temperatures in 50s later today, snow that we picked up during the late afternoon yesterday and during the evening will quickly melt away be ready for it later. >> 34 washington holding on to the 20s off to the north and west, 29 dulles, and the fog is thicker out here as well 32 winchester, 28 hagerstown 36 at the naval air station. gradual improvement temperatures, sunshine start to jump we should be well into the 40s by 11:00 p.m. and as mentioned we are expecting highs later today back in the 50s. tent fall radar much quieter, today -- sentinel radar, much quieter day. breezeq at times as our storm system pushes north and east our next developing storm this will bring soaking rain, already brought heavy rain, portions of texas and please less this will move through tomorrow afternoon -- louisiana, this will move through tomorrow afternoon, and
9:34 am
we will get it out by thursday and this will signal a big change in the atmosphere as it brings in much colder air behind it we will be cold for the weekend. 52 today, sunshine mildly, check out the winds, gusty, gusting to 25 later tonight partly cloudy, chilly overnight, 35 degrees quickly cloud up tomorrow morning showers return by tomorrow afternoon, that rain will be moderate at times tomorrow night, out of here early thursday highs by saturday upper 30s, yes, setting the stage for more winter time weather next week. back to you guys. >> thank you the latest high tech gadgets are shown at this year's consumer electronics somehow in vegas. all about being thinner and sleeker tablets here. intel just released its ultra book and check this out if you are always on the go a charger in the shape of a backpack. actually called the power bag the whole thing is a charger through your stuff in and it charges. >> the other big thing is
9:35 am
watching television on tablet computers, the las vegas consumer electronics show ends friday. what do consumers like to complain about? you might expect them to be upset with bank charges phone providers internet providers topping all in this annual angies list is home warranty companies, it is the seventh year in a row, home warranty providers got the worst grades from consumers, angie hicks founder of an gentlemen's list it is good to -- angie's list it is good to see you. >> good morning. >> i was surprised home warranty companies got this most hated designation tell us why. >> home warranty companies have been on the list for several years now it really comes down to consumers not getting what they expect, a home warranty, warranties for existing homes, are often times bought or given at the time of a home purchase
9:36 am
consumers often times are just not reading the document understanding exactly how the warranty works so as a consumer if you have a warranty make sure you understand how the process is going the work, and then also, it comes down to the quality of the service companies, the home warranty company uses to make repars let's face it the repair work is only as good as the service companies doing that work, and some times we hear complaints, consumers are not happy with the repair versus replace decision because the home warranty company makes that decision, under that warranty. >> got you so how do we sort of, you know, you talked about reading all of your information there, but how do we do other things to make sure we have a pleasant experience and not a negative one like most people are having? so obviously yes, read the document make sure you understand what is covered just because you had a home inspection doesn't mean it is covered under the home warranty these are two entirely different things then also, do what you can to research the
9:37 am
service companies, the warranty campaign uses, that way -- company uses that way when something does come up the water heater breaks whatever it is you can feel comfortable with the provider they are sending out, one tip i received was ask the warranty company for three providers on their approved list and then research them on her own and pick out of the three which one she wanted to use. that is a great idea. >> seems like we are putting all of our faith into these companies and there is another step to be done to, with our due diligence. >> that's right. i mean it is one of those situations where you still keep in mind someone is coming in doing repair work in your house you want to make sure you have the best company you can get. >> how many folks participate annually in this survey? >> well, we review all reports received on an gentlemen's list during the year -- angie's list during the year, hundreds of thousands we use that data to
9:38 am
compile which categories received the highest per season tang of apes. >> other companies we don't like to deal with credit unions, internet service providers and travel agencies, but let's end on a positive note there are some companies that seem to get passing grades. >> we do, when we look at the least complained about categories, piano tuning, hauling, mail box repair, home organization all examples of categories that received lowest number of complaints they are much more personal services when it comes down the it communication is key to a good service relationship that is probably what we are seeing as a commonality in those least complained about categories. >> as always do your homework. angie of course is founder of angie's list thank you. happy new year. >> thank you you too. >> great information. >> i was surprised too. home warranty companies.
9:39 am
>> dc's skyline could change we will explain that up next. >> plus which local store is looking to fill hundreds of position. >> here is a look at today's trivia question if you suffer from amasa phobia, what do you fear? answer coming up later if you want to take a guess, head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news is back after the break 9:39 a.m. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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dcs skyline could change, mayor grey wants to change federal and city laws, allowing taller highrise buildings in dc. the current height restriction is 130 feet the mayor wants to see taller buildings in wards 7 and 8. >> if you need a job head to anne arundel county, target is looking to hire 250 people for
9:43 am
a new store it will hold a job fair at the comfort inn in buoy maryland. famous picasso stolen in greece. thieves broke into the state art museum and stole master pieces including women 's head, the thieves stole two other master pieces in the predawn heist it only took 7 minutes they left a fourth painting behind as they ran from the building. still ahead starbucks unvails a new coffee it is a light every blend. we will put it to the test. we did it earlier this morning it went up against dunkin donuts, and 7 eleven which one was the unanimous favorite. >> you can try new food during alexandria's restaurant week. they would like more than virginia residents to try this out. annie yu will preview the event when we come back cheeseburger macaroni?
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do you love starbucks? listen up. >> the coffee giant rolled out a new brew tucker. >> earlier this morning we did a taste test. >> you need some more. >> i had several cups of coffee. >> take a look. >> hah,. >> cue. >> going blond, new line of lighter blend coffees has arrived at many area stores. >> called the veranda and willow blends a major departure from their dark roasted beans this morning we are going to put the blond roast to the test to try to educate those of you at home and because we need the caffeine fix. >> you are all coffee drinkers we got cups of hot coffee, they are all just regular black
9:48 am
coffees for you to taste, one at a time we've got the cups numbers start with number one, go to four and see if you can determine which one is the new starbucks blond, that is in there as well as mcdonald's regular, very popular, dunkin donuts regular and 7 eleven regular. >> nice. >> why don't we start with cup number one. >> first of all willow is not a very manly sounding brand. >> no, but i guess it is meant to evoke, blond lightness, >> i think i know which one that is. >> i think i do too. >> i do too and i don't think i like it. >> hang on number two. got to take notes. >> chalk full of notes a little hint of chocolate. that one is stronger you are right i need to write down. >> people were complaining they wanted -- >> that one was hotter i like it better >> i know what that is.
9:49 am
>> write down what you thing they are. >> -- thing they are. >> your impressions of each. >> one of the goals is if you can tell which one is the new starbucks. >> nutty bouquet. >> you are such a connoisseur tucker. >> i don't drink coffee but love the smell >> i wonder if i have had that one before. >> three seems weak. that one is cold. >> whatever. >> is the new brand in here? >> it is in there, one of those. yes. >> i guess people were complaining all the starbucks coffees are strong i guess. >> well, the regular one is. some people said that. >> they wanted something different. >> now they are all blending together. >> we needed croissants in between. have to be able to clean it. we don't have a lot of time. >> steve is going back for seconds >> i know what i like.
9:50 am
>> tell me which one do you like most tucker. >> i like number two. >> me too. >> number two we all like two. >> i liked two. >> any idea what coffee it is. >> i have a theory. >> i think it might be 7 eileen's finest. >> really? >> steve? -- eleven's finest. >> really? >> steve? >> dunkin donuts. >> number two, dunkin donuts. >> it is a good one. >> that is where i get my coffee. >> well, then drink up. >> which one do you thing is starbucks blond. >> i thought four,. >> three. >> i think number three. >> starbucks blond was cup number three. >> okay. >> i put a little -- >> that is the one you thought was weak. >> cup number one was seven eleven. >> it is notably lighter. >> i didn't like one at all.
9:51 am
number three starbucks blond and number four mcdonald's. >> i thought four had an interesting flavour to it. >> so what is the answer then? >> well, that was it everyone liked the dunkin donuts best, and. >> didn't everybody pick starbucks >> i like the new starbucks blond, it is just -- >> could you tell it was something different. >> absolutely you can really taste the difference. >> everyone said it was a lighter taste which is what starbucks wants to do not as strong not as bitter. >> their original brand, is pretty strong. >> very cool. >> yep. >> all right we are going to keep it on a theme here more than 60 restaurants in alexandria, are offering great deals as part of the city's restaurant week. >> annie yu is cooking with participating restaurants she joins us now with more good morning. good morning alison. this is a tradition that
9:52 am
started in 2009 and draws thousands of people each year and it just grows and grows and gets better every year joining me now is mayor of alexandria, good morning to you, mayor yule and mayor for those planning to come out this weekend what is your best advice as far as navigation goes. >> alexandria is a culinary destination we are an arts destination food is art. so we encourage folks to come out enjoy themselves throughout the city, we have 60 restaurants participating, but we have three metro station locations, we have king street trolley a free service runs up and down the king street quarter for a mile and a half starts 11:30 a.m., runs until 10:00 p.m. we encourage folks to come out not only do we have transit but it is accessible for walking. >> right before i let you go i have to ask you what are your top restaurants you like to frequent. >> well, i like to come to
9:53 am
pizza paradisio, tempo's and i like to go to the chart house i go to all the restaurants, as mayor i have to spread the wealth. >> there are a lot of varietys in old town and alexandria, here we have a lot of them joining us here we have the executive chef at la bourgerie what are you cooking up >> i repaired de comfite roasted potato. >> yum very nice. >> very nice. that is my accent. >> here we have troy clayton, what do you guy haves cooking up. >> i brought our sweetenings so we have, tiramisu with a coffee glaze on that and a little bit of cocoa powder for fun. and then i also have a pear and almond tart that comes with a hazel nut anglaise and a little
9:54 am
bit of powdered sugar. >> is your restaurant doing dinners for two for 35 or three course dinners for 35. >> funny enough, we do a four course dinner for 35 per person this would be the dessert course which would be the fourth we do appetizer, salad, soup, followed by pasta and then traditional main course and dessert. >> over here i have my husband and wife team, wendy and serge albert. >> bonjour. >> wendy tell us about your restaurant what kind of ambience people expect. >> we do a blend of northern italian and french cuisines we specialize in fresh seafood, for restaurant week we are doing 3 course $35 menu in here a port bellow mushroom with cheese ravioli roasted sweet red pepper coulis from our dessert tray we feature 14
9:55 am
different in house made desserts this is french apple tart. >> is this supposed to be a rose? >> it is. >> so fantastic you can come out and enyou this it kicks off this friday goes on until the 22nd, 10 days of delicious dining, web within all details and remember, it is over 60 restaurants participating variety of cuisines you need to come out and enjoy back to you in studio. >> all right thank you >> i can't believe she is not eating that. >> she will later i have seen her eat she is good. >> another check on the five day forecast coming up. >> and answer today 's trivia question, stay with us 
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day she has a lot to be excited about she is engaged getting married
9:59 am
in june. she also just became a grandmother with ariannas birth last month. >> wow she is young. >> isn't is this gorgeous. >> find us on facebook, searching fox 5 morning news, and then post a comment under the very young newly engaged kattina photo. >> this morning we asked if you suffer from a amapa phobia what do you suffer. >> being not perfect. >> dust. i never heard of that. >> where does that come from in the root. >> i don't know. no background research. >> what? >> going to fire this crack research staff. >> wikipedia. >> okay. >> five day forecast, a live shot, looking at dulles you can see the cloud cover holding tough, but we should break


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